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 Gold Point Rules

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PostSubject: Gold Point Rules   Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:16 pm

Market Rules
Since evrry individual receives 5 gp on each post they do its quite easier to earn so there by this will be earning and spending chart that how you can earn and spend your gps. So to go with basics how to earn extra golds ways to earn gp:

1> Setup a gfx shop:

  • No GFX Should have a Prize lower then 300 gp

  • If however you fail to respond to the demands of your consumer you will go bankrupt and thus your shop will be sealed and be bidded for auction.(Unless you make a post regarding your problem, if you want your shop to be on hold)

  • gfx with xxx images will not be allowed in any case and severe actions would be taken against the Shop holder.(Also may result to perma ban)

2>Setup a Deck shop: You can also post and set your decks for auction but it is must to mention the prize of the deck infront of it additionally no decks can have a prize lower then 100 gp.

3>Recruiting: As we know recruiting is essential part of academy so does it is of ours to keep the academy running. Thus we give gps to persons who recruits you get 50 gp for each recruitment you get here.

4>Tournaments: These are the great source of earning gp. you earn huge amount of gp here the prize range depends upon the size of tournament which range between 500-5000 gp.

5> Working for the academy: Academy has lots of work such as maintaining the place trying to be supportive and banners and gfx . The persons helping the academy in such things would be getting extra bonuses time to time according to there work level.

6> Duel arena or shadow duels: You can also snatch away the gps of your fellow members by challenging them to duel arena or shadow duel. Note: A lower dorm member can challenge higher dorm member , but a higher dorm can only challenge higher dorm member or ra can challenge both ra and obby but they cant challenge slifer.

Spending your GPs:

Setting up a Shop: 500 gp
Setting up Gfx shop: 500 gp
Getting a name glow For a Month: 300 gp
Getting the crown for a Month: 1500 gp
Getting glitter For a Month:300 gp
Retest: 300 GP

Rest spending Depends on the shop how they sell there items. Happy Dueling.
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Point Rules   Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:08 pm

Please, in case of something not working as it should be, just PM an Admin about it. Like said previously, double posting does not help, clearly, since it hasn't been fixed. I've just now set up the stats to give 5 GP per post now and I'll update your points accordingly.
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Gold Point Rules
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