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 DuckWhisperer Test Results/PLacement

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PostSubject: DuckWhisperer Test Results/PLacement   Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:24 am

OMG (Morphtronic)vs DUck Whisperer (Reptiles)

Deck size: 5/5

Deck Build: 2/10 HIs Deck seemed to be a bit.. Random. It was BAsed upon reptiles. But the monsters in the deck were a weird choice

Attitude:5/5 He was a Very respectful duelist. Gave me no issues, understood waht was going on.

Ruling: 2/10 He could use a bit more work in this Category, He knew some, but was un aware of Required effects vs Optional

Performance: 7/10 With the Exception of the one ruling. HE was Inept .

Use of cards: 10/10 Was able to over power some of my bigger monsters, Utilized a mistake a made to HIS advantage

Side Deck: 0/10 He DIdn;t Sideboard anything against me, Because his side board only have 1 card

Duels: 0/30 0-2=0 I won Both of the Games.

Potential 4-6/10

0-65 Slifer red dorm

Final Verdict - He has potential, But right now, I would have to place him in Slifer. BUt this is in regards to ADvanced Format, I think that if he FOcused on ADvanced, HE could be a Very IMpressive Duelist.
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DuckWhisperer Test Results/PLacement
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