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 PetterBowser 17/18 of the 2nd 2014

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PostSubject: PetterBowser 17/18 of the 2nd 2014   Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:39 am

Date of  Test 17/18 of the 2nd 2014

deck-noble knights vs gem knights

Tester 0 - 2 student = 10 held his own very   kept me on the back foot all game along he knew what he was doing tho he did misplay fiedish chain but other then that and  one or 2 misclicks very soild performce. tho i did have dead hands but he  captialized on it.

Deck Construction = 17-very soild noble knight build follows the archtype well all card's in that surport eachother how ever i feel that noble-knight joan, could be replaed by a better  card as is effect seems rather pointless given: it loses 300 points during the damage step however, i see the reason why  with the being able to bring a monser back part of the effect. appliant also knew the deck i side ouwhic whowed in his use of the deck.

Student Performance = 15 he performed greatly  with only one misplay of fieldosh chain and one misclick, as periosloy stated he ad me on the bk foot since my hands were bad  ad when i tryed to make a come bk he stoped rather quckly and managed to keep me from ever regain my moment v. well done

Student Attitude and Ruling Knowledge = 7.5- Petter had a very nice atititude and spirt ad his ruling Knowledge is fanstic and of a high stanard  he even questioned the ruling  of "prismaura" effect being activing via discarding gem-knight fusion how ever he didnt notice the a mistake , peter shows  very good ruling knowledge other wise.

Grand Total = 49/60
35 or lower = Slifa  
35-40 = addition single (win Ra , Lose Slifa)
40 - 50 = Ra
50 - 60 = Obelisk.

well done peterbower and may i be the first to welcome you to  ra, i feel with abi of guidlence u could obislisk very easliy and again very well done
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PetterBowser 17/18 of the 2nd 2014
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