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 JJ Jake Test Results

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PostSubject: JJ Jake Test Results   Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:39 am

Tester : Gabriel Fairfox
Testee : J.J

Match Result
Tester 2 - JJ 0
Points 0
Deck construction: 6 /10
It was ok , had consistency, and was purely archetype based but lacks competitive play, recommend swapping out some of the arch type traps, and added the staples instead, along with a bit more flair.
Applicant Performance : 20/30
Didn't really misplay at all, but did show a little bit of lack of ruling knowledge in addition needs a more competitive deck to show you can pull of the big combos or, hold opponent's options to a good point, though i did enjoy the game.
Side deck: 5/10 you did have a side deck, but i feel you don't understand its purpose

Total 31/60

Single Result Tester Victory : 1 point
Deck Originality : 5/10
give you propt for using Ninjas on there own as an archtype but i don't feel you really thought about improving it as a hole, in anyway and making up for the decks weakness or pressing the strenghs, consistency was ok but not perfect.
Deck Consistency 15/20

Total 21/35

Attitude : 3
Ruling Questions: 5

Grand Total. 60 Welcome to ra yellow you scraped it ( i will recommended you take the Slifa teaching for a little bit though). After 1 week of activing slifa teaching will move to ra teaching then after a week of that force retest
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JJ Jake Test Results
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