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 uchiha_rules88 Testing Results

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PostSubject: uchiha_rules88 Testing Results   Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:30 am

Tester: Gabriel Fairfox(Me)

Match Result
Tester 2 - Uchiha_Rules88 0
Points =0
Deck construction : 1/10
Well for what you were trying to accomplish it did show consistency, though the deck as a whole lacks a general winning picture, and i don't see it ever winning in a competitive format , in addition there were far 2 many normal monster than requires. (In addition missing 3 cards in extra and 2 cards over, 40 (For no reason i could see).
Applicant Performance : 23/30
Now despite your poorly built deck you actually didn't make a single misplay though i can only award you 23 due to, failing to demonstrative competitive play(this falls back on your deck)
Side Deck : 0/10 (No side deck)

Total Points :24/60

Single Result Tester Victory :1 point
Deck Creativity / originality : 7/10
The decks concept of mixing Gag-gaga level manipulation mixed with rabbit Dino play, was quiet the interesting concept and once you got a bit more experience which our teachers will help you with soon, id love to see this deck show its potencial.
Deck Consistency: 17/20
Yes the deck did consistency do its plays, the players intended are so weak its hard to award points but, you were hit hard in the deck construction, for the same deck i wont judge on that for this section. Again no missplays so a bit of help from teachers your be a great Duelist.

Total 25/35
attitude = 3
Ruling Questions = 0-5 (Pending)

Grand Total = 52-57 = Welcome To Slifa red

Addition comment, i feel you have what it takes to reach blue just need a bit of guidance, with deck construction and most likely being brang up to speed on meta. (I will apply a teacher to you, (Retest in 3 days Granted over the Standard week wait )
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PostSubject: Re: uchiha_rules88 Testing Results   Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:59 pm

congrats uchiha
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uchiha_rules88 Testing Results
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