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  C.C. Test Result

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PostSubject: C.C. Test Result   Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:43 am

Tester: Gabriel Fairfox
Match 1 Results (Mermails, vs Bujin)
Tester 2 - C.C. 1 = 5 points
Deck Construction = 9/10
you deck is very solid, and shows knowledge of the game, along with what your likely to face, though certain recommendations i would say is -1 centipeed and -1 quinn, and Add in 2 pods or 1 Bear and something (Just for a tad more consistency and outs to things) Though the deck is pretty solid and generally its judgement calls with things like this.

Applicant Performance: 28/30 Played very well, understanding situations and applying cards at right time, made a few moves, that i would of gone a different direction though that is play-style and you palyed very good, 1 minnor mistake which might of cost you game 3 (Simply because of how close it was. Letting me get Kappa second effect off while, your bujin had no protection. In addition you shown full awareness of ruling knowledge
Side deck 10/10

Played very well giving me a major run for money.

Single result C.C victory
5 points
Deck Originality
Very effective use of using the negative effects of your plays, to boost your primary combo to a lethal stage, in addition you added cards that did the opposite but increased your consistancy
18/20 = deck ran very smoothly though felt there was potential for bad starting hands, though overall pretty good.

attitude = 3
Don't need to ask questions since active use of competitive rulings was shown in test
Grand Total = 91 Obelisk blue
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PostSubject: Re: C.C. Test Result   Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:57 am

Thanks :DD Tried my best and it paid off :3
As for the bad starting hands for the Air Neos OTK, that's very true. That's the risk the Deck has, and that's why it's more of a fun deck to me, rather then something to use in Meta Game. It's just too inconsistent for that sort of play.

Thanks for testing me nonetheless ^-^
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C.C. Test Result
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