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 Testing Rubric [pending]

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PostSubject: Testing Rubric [pending]    Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:27 am

Tester Deck: The deck the tester used in the match

Testee Deck: The deck the tesee used in the match

Results of Match (Tester:Testee): 2:0=0/30 ; 2:1=10/30 ; 1:2=20/30 ; 0:2 = 30/30

Deck Size: 40-42=5/5 ; 43-45=3/5 ; 46-60=0/5

Cards in Deck: ?/10 Will be graded upon the cards used in the deck.

Quickness of Deck: ?/10 How fast the deck can pull off plays

Deck Consistency: ?/10  How consistent can the deck be in duels

Skill with Deck: ?/10 How you handle your deck against the tester

Knowledge of Rulings: ?/10 How well you know the rulings

Siding: ?/5 (to testers : please actually check) How well your side deck is built

Originality: ?/5 How original is your deck

Attitude: ?/5 How well you act during the duel with the tester


0-60: Slifer Red
61-95: Ra Yellow
96-100: Obelisk Blue

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Testing Rubric [pending]
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